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Always a Mom: Making Motherhood Moments the Best They Can Be – Guest Blogger, Author Cindy Sproles

By Cindy Sproles

If you’re a mom, whether by having given birth or by adoption, you are still a mom. And if you are a mom…you are always going to be a first-time mom. Day in and day out your children will tax you with situations you never dreamed – from fun and humorous to moments you are bursting from the seams with pride. Even to moments of great fear and trembling. They will challenge you physically, intellectually and spiritually because this is what children do. But your job above all else, is to not let yourself become overwhelmed or whipped but to stand firm and gently teach. Teach your children to fear God. Show them, regardless of their age, how you have trod the hard paths and found your way. Teach your babies that you make mistakes and you are not ashamed to admit them or repent of them. Show them how to pray and what to pray – when to pray so they will know what to do when the time approaches. Children learn from example. You will always be a first-time mom, always learning with each new adventure or experience. When you feel discouraged take heart. Rejoice in the Lord even in the moments of deep challenge and make every first-time moment with your children the best it can be.

Come, my children, listen to me;  I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

Psalm 34:11

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