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5 Steps to Resolving Parent-Teacher Conflicts, By Guest Author, Lori Wildenberg

Okay…so you have an issue with your child’s teacher. What are you going to do?

I’ve been on both sides of the desk. Most parents are reasonable and so are most teachers. Usually issues can be resolved amicably.

One mom told me her daughter said she was going to have to go to summer school because she wasn’t reading out of a particular book. The child was so distraught she didn’t want to go to school. Thankfully the mom spoke with the instructor. As it turned out, the child completely misunderstood what the teacher had said. Thankfully the issue was cleared up fairly quickly and the child’s fears were put to rest.

Sometimes the problem is only a misunderstanding. It’s wise not to draw a conclusion only from what your child tells you.

Take the time to investigate the concern. Get all the facts.

If you have an issue with your child’s teacher here are some ways to get to the solution side of the problem.

1. Pray. Ask God to give you clarity, calm, and grace in the situation.

2. Set up a meeting time as soon as possible. Don’t make an angry call or send an emotional e-mail or note. Give yourself enough time to cool down but try to deal with the issue as soon as possible.

3. Remember most teachers are in the education business because they care about kids-including yours. Starting at the place of agreement is the very best place to begin.

4. Be respectful. Describe your point of view using an even tone and in a reasonable, mature, and calm manner. Then listen to the educator’s response.

5.  Ask what has been done so far and how you can be part of the solution. This shows a willingness and commitment on your part to help resolve whatever the concern may be.

By acting as if you are on the same team as your child’s teacher you will be more likely to resolve the problem. Parents love their kids fiercely but kids aren’t perfect. The teacher just may have some valuable insight.

 A fool gives full vent to his anger.

 Proverbs 29:11

What types of challenging situations have you faced? What advice would offer another parent? 

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Lori Wildenberg co-founder of 1 Corinthians 13 Parenting and Licensed Parent and Family Educator is passionate about coming alongside parents and encouraging them to parent well.  She loves mentoring moms and dads and speaking on the topic of parenting. She is co-author of EMPOWERED PARENTS: Putting Faith First (Wildenberg & Danielson) and co-columnist for the Parenting Prose column in Marriage Magazine. Lori lives in Colorado with her husband and four children. Visit or for more information.



It’s Okay If It’s Not Perfect

Yesterday when I spoke at a MOPS group, a mom shared the pressure she sometimes puts on herself with having to have a clean house before someone comes over or having to______(you fill in the blank–we all have those expectations we put on ourselves!)

As moms with busy lives and with the priority of taking care of our children, we do what we can. How great that even if your furniture isn’t dusted, that you made a friend feel loved and welcomed when they walked through your door. That the hospitality you offered by making a pot of coffee, putting on the kettle, the acceptance they felt by your warm hug and how they were treated by you, is really what counts.  (And hopefully, our friends aren’t that judgmental–it’s the expectation we put on ourselves to have everything just so!)

So tell yourself it’s okay, that you not be able to get to everything and things don’t have to be perfect. Even Author Jill Savage says so. Read below from her book, No More Perfect Moms.

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Book Review: Praying Circles Around Your Children — by Guest Blogger, Crystal Scott Towery


Below is writer and blogger Crystal Towery Scott’s ( latest review, Praying Circles Around Your Children, By Mark Batterson — Join us at FB for a live discussion on praying for your children at:

I want to begin by saying that this little book will change the way you pray for your children. Mark Batterson says, “You’ll never be a perfect parent, but you can be a praying parent!” Praying Circles Around Your Children will help you understand how important it is to pray for your children out loud. Pray where they can hear you and you will be truly amazed at how well they will remember the prayers and the Bible verses you said during your prayer time.

The five prayer circles, Circling the Promises of God, Making Prayer Lists, Creating Prayer Mantras, Forming Prayer Circles, and Praying through the Bible, are explained in detail, and Mark also gives examples from his life and the lives of others as to how to best apply and use these methods. It is interesting to read how these approaches to prayer have changed the lives of many and how others witnessed prayer’s effectiveness taking place in peoples’ lives.

One of the suggestions Mark suggests is to make a prayer journal for your children. That means to write down the prayers you pray for your children, and when they graduate high school, college or get married, present them with the journal. This is something that I am personally going to start doing for my children. I have always prayed for my children but not like Mark suggests. It is time for a change for the better and I am so glad I read this book.
Mark also stated, “Prayer is the way we write the future. It’s the difference between letting things happen and making things happen.” I am ready to start making things happen in my home and with my family. That begins with prayer. Prayer for my children, prayer for my husband, and prayer for everyone.

If you would like to purchase this book, you may do so by clicking on the link at the bottom of my page or by visiting your favorite retailer.  I have a copy of Praying Circles Around Your Children to give away–just visit my site and follow the steps for a chance to win.

Crystal is an inspiring Christian writer and speaker, who loves serving God by helping others learn to trust and rely on God. Crystal states,”I love being able to encourage women to trust God and to truly listen for His voice in their own lives, but I know I cannot do that on my own that is why I let God lead me and give me the strength to be able to carry out His will for my life.” 

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” Philippians 4:13,  is Crystal’s life verse and lives by it.  Without the strength that God provides, Crystal on a daily basis, she would not be able to accomplish what God has called her to do.

Crystal is a stay at home mom with three daughters, Marissa 12, Rebekah 10, and Chelsey 7 and she has three stepsons, Aaron 23, Eric 22, and Daniel 20. She has been married for 14 years to Tim, and they enjoy raising their family in a loving, Christ-centered home. They enjoy family game nights, movie nights, and all other family activities and they enjoy monthly date nights, that allow them the time to focus on keeping the marriage alive. Crystal also enjoys co-leading her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop and leading the 1st and 2nd Grade Girls in Action group at her church. She is an avid reader of any Christian fiction, non-fiction and Christian living books.

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