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A Quick Reminder about Letting Go of the Old

“Do not fear change, for I am making you a new creation, with old things passing away and new things continually on the horizon. When you cling to old ways and sameness, you resist My work within you. I want you to embrace all that I am doing in your life, finding your security in Me alone. Although each day contains 24 hours, every single one presents a unique set of circumstances. Don’t try to force fit today into yesterday’s mold. Ask Me to open your eyes, so you can find all I have prepared for you in this precious day of Life.” (Sarah Young, Jesus Calling Devotion)

May you enjoy seeing all that God has for you today, Moms!

One Call Needed When Everything Calls at Once

Sometimes, everything calls at once….ever have days like that? Everything and everyone calls for your attention–now. There’s no time to wait nor time to take a moment to pause. Hurry, hurry. On to the next priority. Maybe the moments seem to be ticking too fast to get the present job done. Or maybe  today will be more like a step-by-step day rather than run-by-run. Whatever your pace, whichever your flow, your feet are firmly planted in the foundation of your principles, values and priorities. When you are focused on those things, the rest can (temporarily) be sifted out and take their rightful place to the right of your center.

Today, lots may push, pull, tug at you and cause you to tip. Try to allow one direction for yourself and keep your feet firmly rooted in what you know is the priority and value of the moment.  “He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” (Psalm 40:2)  May God give you the clarity, discernment, footing and security you need to accomplish what you have to today.

And if you find everything calling at once, call on God.

A Goodnight Message

The day draws to a close….tomorrow is a new day with more I love yous to be said, bigger hugs to give and lots of kisses to plant on those soft cheeks. Your children LOVE you, and for all the teaching, instructing and shaping we do in their lives, it’s quite amazing how much shaping they do in ours, isn’t it, moms? Pleasant dreams to all of YOU! What you do matters.

Hard Stuff Equals Good Stuff

Moms, I want to encourage you that the next time something happens that is distressing, ask God how He can use the experience to shape you. Shift your perspective. Usually, there is something going on where we can examine our hearts and take a look beyond the surface of the situation and go deeper into our character or motives and understand ourselves a little better. We don’t have to leave our plights or frustrations in the muck and mire. Take the frustration out to a meadow and let it lay in the sun.

Tonight, I did not react well when I was frustrated. Sometimes I wonder why God blessed me with this privilege of motherhood when I see certain traits exhibited in myself that are loathsome. But we have a second chance. And third, and fourth. With God, we get to do do-overs because He gently refines us and never shames us (we shame ourselves, but He does not).

You have a race marked out that is yours and yours alone and it contains the good with the not-so-good. You may share the road with others, but at the end of the day, God still has you on YOUR course, your own special course. What does it look like? Part of persevering sometimes means being stretched and pushed till it hurts. Some of you are dealing with some hard stuff. Your path might be bumpy. Rough. Hard. Fatiguing. As a mom, how might God be wanting to refine your steps today? Is He changing your course? Adding to it? Taking something off of it?  What areas of your course might be hindering you, weighing you down?  “Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.” (Hebrews 12:1) Is impatience a hindrance in your parenting? Lack of self control?  Ask God to show you what is at the root of those parental moments of stress…He will reveal to you what He wants you to see when you humbly take your concerns and regrets to prayer. And then He transforms. For each one of us, that transformation looks different. It might be through a person, a book, a resource, a conversation, an experience, but He does it. He uses what He knows we personally need to get the job done. I hope I can be as good as a parent to my kids as God is to me.

If you are feeling discouraged today, remember that God is doing something wonderful even in the difficult places. And it’s in those difficult places that can often make us look back and say with joy, “God used those rough spots to shape me into something truly better and beautiful.”

Just like your kids aren’t done growing, neither are you. While you are shaping them, God is shaping you.

How is God shaping you in your role as mom?