Milk and Cookies, Moisturizer and Making Me Dwell in Safety


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A glass of milk with something brown, cakey or chewy, being able to think against the background of a still, quiet home and a good book propped between my hands with a pillow against my back are my favorite ways to end the day.

So not happening in my world. Yours?

Often, it’s a march from making lunches or a cleaning task that leads me straight to the bathroom, willing myself to brush teeth, clean face and apply eye cream and moisturizer to those fine lines before falling into bed.

And very often, none of that happens either.

Fatigue seems to be my regiment.

What a perfect match to the stillness of the Psalms that can bring rest to those jumping thoughts that come alive at night and help put to REST the rest of the continued to-do list, work in the form of paper piles and the pressing questions that can race through our minds as moms…the ones that call for immediate answers and solutions and that cause a small, evening anxiety party to break out in our minds.

“Keep it down in there, would ya?”

Thank you nocturnal, mental madness for invading my head.

I think God wants us to rest well. That means without worry. 

Free from doubts.

Free from fear.

Free from restlessness. 

We may not have perfect peace in our circumstance, but we have perfect peace that He is in our circumstance(s). God is alongside you doing dishes, making lunches, knowing your hopes, hearing your questions and planning the answers. But He’s not as concerned with those things as we are.

He’s more concerned about where your mind is dwelling in the midst of all that you are dwelling on.

So tonight, as you drift off to sleep, will you dwell in His mighty power and comfort? Where will your peace come from? He may very well provide a cookie, a can’t-put-down novel, the energy to clean or tidy up and even an effective moisturizer. But  more than all that, He’ll provide His presence and that’s a goodnight regiment worth taking every night.

“I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8

How do you like to end the day? What brings rest to your soul? Can you make reading His word the last thing you do so you can make the last thing you do (rest)  a success?




  1. Often I am so tired by bedtime that my routines go out the window, but just this week I read a psalm one morning and realized that God was confirming through the psalm what He has been blessing me with during the night–“I will bless the Lord who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand I will not be shaken.” Yes, I often wake in the night and think on issues I’m struggling with, and so often God meets me there and through His Spirit instructs me. He is good.

    • Thank you for sharing that verse, Brend, LOVE it! So comforting to know that He instructs us even at night and that He meets you at those times and places when you wake and are thinking on issues. Yes, He IS good and He is THERE.

  2. My you dwell in His mighty power and comfort. Stopping by via Better Mom link-up. Also following on Facebook and Pinterest.

  3. {Melinda} Oh, I desire so much to stay in that place of perfect peace! In a world with so much uncertainty and turmoil, it is a constant struggle to keep my mind on Him. And that is the key. Just like Peter, we get in trouble when we start concentrating on the waves instead of the Savior.

    • Yes, Melinda….so much vies for our thoughts and attention in the course of an hour let alone a day! Love your reminder on keeping our eyes on the Savior, instead of the waves. Nothing else measures up as the source of ultimate peace other than Him.

  4. Hey Linda! Girl, that is my one of my FAV verses in the Psalms! I quote that and make my kids quote that verse when they have bad dreams or just can’t sleep! God’s Word will NOT return to Him void! He always helps us sleep when we quote that verse. We SO need a better routine at night. Our routine consists of dinner, baths, pj’s, feeding baby, getting clothes out for next day, and TRYING to hustle all our kiddos to bed! Whew! We really need to turn off tv and computers and read His Word as a family. SO many times, it gets late and there is no time for family or couple time. TY for this post. Gonna do some brainstorming and praying on this one! SO timely, as usual!! Love ya!

    • Hey Sweet Friend, you are not alone in needing a better routine at night, I hear you! I bet thousands of other moms do as well. When I read your list it seems so routine, yet we are right there too doing all those things. Bedtime should be the best time of the day, right? THE time when we get out the Bible, and read His word as a family as you say yet God gets squeezed out. Let me know how your brainstorming goes….we need to be better managers of our time in this Tang house…”Seek ye the Kingdom FIRST….” yes? Thank you for your beautiful comments and making us all feel that we can relate!

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