Blue is Okay

Sometimes they come in waves, without warning but crash with such force…in other instances they can attack with a subtle, silent pressure with weight that feels too heavy to tolerate. Often hard to shake but not impossible, and can travel like a cold front passing through to its next victim. The source is not always known nor the remedy always found…the blues can be so blue-ish. Some can will them away or prevent them from penetrating into their souls. We all have our attempts at fix-its yet sometimes there’s a place and purpose for those blues. For in those hues and tones, we hear our voice and cries which can give us focus and redirection or a time to just be still with our thoughts and listen to what we need to hear. In them, there is someone who cares. He is the lifter of our heads and knows your heart and cares for you. “Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.” (Psalm 4:1) God hears your prayers today. Where do you need  relief from the Blues? How might God be using your blues to show you His greater purpose in your circumstance?



  1. {Melinda} Linda, I needed this! Feeling some major “blues” the last few weeks. I really feel under some spiritual warfare and attacked from all sides. It’s become almost funny because just everything that can be messed with in my life is being messed with!

    Trying to fight off discouragement with the Holy Spirit and continue to press on. I’m not a quitter!

    • Melinda, you are not a quitter and we often have to fight our battles on our knees. I am encouraged by the life of Joseph in how he remained steadfast and focused even in his years of being a servant and in unjust confinement. God did not waste his time of suffering to develop Joseph for the great plans he had and Joseph remained strong in character and in his responses to those around him the whole way through. The same is no doubt true for you. God does have plans for you and even when we’ve got a case of the blues, He is at work developing and preparing us and wants us to remain focused on Him the whole way through. Keep your focus, steadfastness and that beautiful sense of humor and God will continue to do His work in your life. “The Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.” Gen 39:23 And take a look at Gen chapters 39 and 40 if you get the chance….very encouraging!

  2. Your words and feelings are so understandable, Alexis! I like how you give notice to the fact that though our circumstances are out of our control, everything we have is a gift…that perspective certainly gives the “blues” a different feel, coupled with the realization that they don’t have to be so blue when we see what God has given to us. Thank you for your encouraging words and helping us see how we can bring God’s light into our darker times and enjoy the moments we have as you so beautifully expressed.

  3. This is so inspiring Linda! I want to print this out and read it the next time I hit that blue blurry moment/season in my life. Thank you for this. Your words are a blessing.

  4. What a timely word. I’ve been in and out of the blues this week, just trying to find the balance between blogging and homemaking, and you’re right, the blues do cause you to sit, ponder, pray and listen. Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging.

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