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We trust our cars to start when we turn the key, that our loved ones will come home safely and that our friends will remain faithful. We trust that our children will be protected out in the world or at school, that our health will be “good,” or that we’ll get better if we are ill. We trust our doctors, children’s teachers, favorite magazines, radio programs and blogs to help us figure out how to be better moms,  better stewards of our money, better problem solvers. We may even trust the Food Network to provide dinner suggestions, and home decorating publications to direct us with style tips and organization ideas. We trust that a class will educate us, a movie will entertain us. All great resources.

Are we first trusting in the Lord? Trusting Him to:

Redeem us?

Restore us?

Change us?

Renew us?

Build us?

Re-develop us? 

Sound too hokey? Sound too weird to put that much trust into God when we can do it ourselves or seek what the world has to offer in terms of its solutions to fulfill and gratify? We are capable and self-reliant, right?

Do we trust that God might be bigger than our attempts? Do we trust that He is in control, unchanging, stable, reliable, all-powerful and dependable in ALL circumstances, ALL the time?

Maybe we should just cross our fingers and hope for the best. That takes faith too. 

I’d rather put my hands together and cry out to a God who hears. A God who cares. Who has my best interest at heart. Who will never leave me nor forsake me. That’s His promise to me and that’s His promise to you.

You don’t have to have hope in hope.

“But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.” (Jeremiah 17:7)

There’s really no down side in putting your trust in the Lord, is there? Think of all the places where you have put your confidence.

Do you have anything to lose?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But you sure stand a lot to gain.


  1. Always love your words, Linda!! The Lord speaks through you each and every time.

  2. God is sooo good at speaking through us! I always treasure the time you take Kristin in coming by to read, respond and support! Love you, mama!

  3. Rachel Robins says:

    I’ve found that I also need to trust God to give me my identity, my name. In Scripture, He often changes the name, the identity, of people to reflect who He is making them. So, my question has become: Am I letting God tell me who I am (beloved child, beautiful bride, chosen one), or am I letting my circumstances, my feelings or even the ads on tv tell me who I am (failure, fatigued, fat)?
    I’ve found that God longs to sing a new name over me, to tell me who I am, to revive His passions in me.

    • It’s so easy to let the world give us our identity, Rachel and the things in it….yes, failure, fatigued, fat, as you said, there are a number of adjectives, most of them false with little meaning and are traps….our identity can’t come from magazines, the ads telling you what you need or what you are not, the moms at drop-off or the women we see in fitness classes. We have to look to God for our identity….He is the Creator, the One who breathed life into us and knows exactly what we are all about b/c He designed us and is still refining and shaping us. I love how you point out all the things He has named us…so helpful to remember that we have lots of names and names in the making! HIS names. Thanks for being here!

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