Proverbs 31 Woman: You May Be Closer than You Think – Guest Blogger: Alexis Hassell

At some point in your life maybe you have wondered, Who is this woman? Is she even a real person? Maybe you have tried to compare her with people you know or have encountered in your life and even with yourself. I would venture to believe that most of us would think she is the “standard” of what a good Christian woman looks like. If that is true for you then this woman is everything you would want to be, hoped you could be, and is possibly the reason why you might have felt like you don’t measure up.

Drill Sergeant Mom

Today a friend shared that her husband feels she is no longer “fun.”

Admittedly, she was taken back by the comment, then realized perhaps he was right. Afterall, she explained, “I’m Drill Sergeant Mom, Drill Sergeant Wife. Of course, I’m no fun!”

Sometimes it feels that most of our dialogue encompasses shout-outs, commands, dos, don’ts , have yous and did yous with our kids. It is easy to feel that our fun and spunk have been replaced by a spirit of seriousness and warfare mentality. We have to remember in those moments of frustration, our children are not our enemies and neither are our husbands.

Is Your Husband Getting Godly Attention?

Today, my kids will make it to their gymnastics class after school. Dinner will be prepared. Dishes cleaned. Homework finished. Baths, teeth, stories and prayers done and said. Will demonstrating respect and support to my husband? Will an attitude of unconditional respect and honor be demonstrated? Words of gratitude said? Perhaps words of silence if I need to hold my tongue? Will forgiveness be sought and granted if an issue arises? Will I pursue oneness with my husband and seek God’s design for my marriage and model that for my children?