Handling Nellie Olesons

Those of you might remember Nellie Oleson, the sassy, outspoken classmate of Laura Ingalls in the book and television series, Little House on the Prairie. She was ruthless, heartless, self righteous, lacked compassion and she never hesitated to put down another. We’ve all experienced Nellies.

Talked to them.

Been in relationship with them.

Hurt by them.

Oh, for a Little Truth

What “truth” are you listening to right now? Something someone said or did that is hard to release?  Are you hearing  a voice inside that lures you to believe something discouraging about yourself or that pulls you in a direction you are not quite sure you are comfortable going in? […]

Purpose over Plans

Busy, busy, busy. Go, go, go. Plan, plan, plan. In the midst of your planning, what might God have for you today? A message? An opportunity? A conviction? A different direction? Perhaps it will be an encounter, an idea or an unexpected conversation.

The Steps of a Mother are Many

Some moments are harder than others when we are unsure of how to approach, respond or react. Sometimes we don’ t know what to pray when it comes to our children and ourselves; other times, it is crystal clear. That’s the balance of motherhood; sometimes answers seem vegetable-soup murky, other times, oreo cookie black and white.

A Goodnight Message

The day draws to a close….tomorrow is a new day with more I love yous to be said, bigger hugs to give and lots of kisses to plant on those soft cheeks. Your children LOVE you, and for all the teaching, instructing and shaping we do in their lives, it’s […]

Hard Stuff Equals Good Stuff

Moms, I want to encourage you that the next time something happens that is distressing, ask God how He can use the experience to shape you. Shift your perspective. Usually, there is something going on where we can examine our hearts and take a look beyond the surface of the […]