Praying with My Children, By TheMomCafe’s, Christine Carter

Every morning on the way to school, I pray with my kids.  They expect it, and they remind me if I am in one of those haphazard can’t see straight moments- because it means something to them.  You should hear the urgency in my son’s voice if we haven’t yet […]

Book Review: Praying Circles Around Your Children — by Guest Blogger, Crystal Scott Towery

  Below is writer and blogger Crystal Towery Scott’s ( latest review, Praying Circles Around Your Children, By Mark Batterson — Join us at FB for a live discussion on praying for your children at: I want to begin by saying that this little book will change the way […]

Endurance: Do You or Your Child Need a Dose?

When I was a teenager, I had a bunch of sappy posters with inspirational sayings taped up like, “Sail on to the end of your dreams,” “Take your passion and make it happen,” from Flashdance, my all time favorite movie in high school, and many more sayings that I won’t bore you with. (Thank you Hallmark store for having provided the wall decor during that oh-so important time.) But there was one poster hanging with a saying that we all know is true that I find myself thinking about, not only in my own life but in the lives of my children: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” In layman’s terms: don’t give up.

Endurance: withstanding lasting difficulty.