Your Steps Today

One step at a time, moms. Much awaits our children but we don’t accomplish teaching them everything they need to know in a day nor even a week but over time. Lots of time. Through do-overs. Repetition. Mistakes and mishaps. Lots of repeats in this business, huh? And….through joys and […]

Please Pass the Time, Thank You

    Coffee, cream and sugar time. Playdate time. Park time. Cooking Time. Reading Time. Snuggle-up time. Hangin’ in-the-house time. Baking time. Some of you are in new-born baby time or sending your child off to college time. Prayer time. Exercise time.  Work time. Stroller time. Drive time. Email time. […]

Patience Perseveres

What will be defining in your child’s race to the finish line of his/her life is your faith in the unseen, patience and perseverance. The chaos taking place on the sidelines is secondary. So keep running. Keep cheering. Keep patiently persevering in your children’s lives…it will be the best gift you ever give them.

Proverbs 31 Woman: You May Be Closer than You Think – Guest Blogger: Alexis Hassell

At some point in your life maybe you have wondered, Who is this woman? Is she even a real person? Maybe you have tried to compare her with people you know or have encountered in your life and even with yourself. I would venture to believe that most of us would think she is the “standard” of what a good Christian woman looks like. If that is true for you then this woman is everything you would want to be, hoped you could be, and is possibly the reason why you might have felt like you don’t measure up.