Bread Trucks, Pursuit and Rest

 As seen on themomcafe In the movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding, starring Julia Roberts, a conversation between Robert’s platonic pal, George (Rupert Everett) and Julianne (Roberts) suggests that it’s a man’s job to pursue the woman in a dating relationship. The fact that this lecture takes place as Julianne is […]

Loss, Loss, Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day. Deal?

Are losses blimps on the screen of our lives headed by the infamous “this too shall pass,” header whose sting fades over time? Perhaps. Are they markers bigger than blimps and more like hot air balloons that ultimately inflate us with strength, depth, compassion, perspective and growth? Likely.

Sharp Edges that Don’t Have to Pierce

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor 12:9 Do you have those times where as a mom you think, “I handled that so well,” or, I am so on top of my game here, I am doing great. I know my […]

Purpose over Plans

Busy, busy, busy. Go, go, go. Plan, plan, plan. In the midst of your planning, what might God have for you today? A message? An opportunity? A conviction? A different direction? Perhaps it will be an encounter, an idea or an unexpected conversation.

Milk and Cookies, Moisturizer and Making Me Dwell in Safety

  A glass of milk with something brown, cakey or chewy, being able to think against the background of a still, quiet home and a good book propped between my hands with a pillow against my back are my favorite ways to end the day. So not happening in my […]

Who am I? Finding Your Identity in Motherhood @ Carey Scott’s Let’s Get Real Ministries

So excited to have been over at Moms Together today discussing identity with SO many of awesome moms. The talented Author/Speaker/Life Coach, Carey Scott, got the ball rolling today as we explored the big question that moms so tirelessly grapple with: Who am I in My Role as Mom? So […]

The Steps of a Mother are Many

Some moments are harder than others when we are unsure of how to approach, respond or react. Sometimes we don’ t know what to pray when it comes to our children and ourselves; other times, it is crystal clear. That’s the balance of motherhood; sometimes answers seem vegetable-soup murky, other times, oreo cookie black and white.

Blue is Okay

Sometimes they come in waves, without warning but crash with such force…in other instances they can attack with a subtle, silent pressure with weight that feels too heavy to tolerate. Often hard to shake but not impossible, and can travel like a cold front passing through to its next victim. The source is not always known nor the remedy always found…the blues can be so blue-ish.