In the Meantime…

I know some of you moms are needing help in some specific ways today. Will you remember this promise? “For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” (Is 41:13) Sometimes the help God provides looks different from how we would provide it and we often pray that God would solve our problems according to our desires. How many times have we asked God to work His power into what we feel is best and how we want things to go? Guilty!

Your Real Shoulder Bag

What are you wearing over your shoulder today? A fashionable diaper bag? Leather Purse? Your child’s backpack? Perhaps a cute tote bag or functional recycle bag because you’re off to Trader Joe’s to do some shopping. You are heading somewhere today and though whatever you are carrying contains the contents of absolute must-haves, it doesn’t define you any more than your clothes, shoes or hairstyle.

One Call Needed When Everything Calls at Once

Sometimes, everything calls at once….ever have days like that? Everything and everyone calls for your attention–now. There’s no time to wait nor time to take a moment to pause. Hurry, hurry. On to the next priority. Maybe the moments seem to be ticking too fast to get the present job […]

A Goodnight Message

The day draws to a close….tomorrow is a new day with more I love yous to be said, bigger hugs to give and lots of kisses to plant on those soft cheeks. Your children LOVE you, and for all the teaching, instructing and shaping we do in their lives, it’s […]

Hard Stuff Equals Good Stuff

Moms, I want to encourage you that the next time something happens that is distressing, ask God how He can use the experience to shape you. Shift your perspective. Usually, there is something going on where we can examine our hearts and take a look beyond the surface of the […]

It’s Okay If It’s Not Perfect

Yesterday when I spoke at a MOPS group, a mom shared the pressure she sometimes puts on herself with having to have a clean house before someone comes over or having to______(you fill in the blank–we all have those expectations we put on ourselves!) As moms with busy lives and […]

Patience Perseveres

What will be defining in your child’s race to the finish line of his/her life is your faith in the unseen, patience and perseverance. The chaos taking place on the sidelines is secondary. So keep running. Keep cheering. Keep patiently persevering in your children’s lives…it will be the best gift you ever give them.