Need New?

Do you ever wish you could be different? Maybe you long for a part of yourself to be different or changed…especially as moms, where we often find ourselves repeating patterns, behaviors or approaches that we may not like so much. This season can perhaps consider hunkering down into the truth […]

Making a Way for Your Ducklings

  Having grown up in Massachusetts, the story of Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings is part of my genetic make up like the Red Sox, clam chowder and the understanding that the letter R carries little weight in the American alphabet. McCloskey writes about a female, married duck, Mrs. […]

Morning Glory: Not

And then there are the mornings…..unbelievable how some of them go….how we go. Okay, how I go. I shouldn’t throw you into my mix. We can plan how we are going to handle a situation (determined, fierce, go into whatever it is we are facing like gangbusters) or equally, be […]


We each have different values that have their place in our lives…what are you VALUING today with your time? Starting out fresh with the valuable coffee mug? A Sabbath rest? A friendship? Morning run or walk? Studying? Cleaning and organizing? Reading the paper? Time with your children? Sometimes we have […]

Oh, for a Little Truth

What “truth” are you listening to right now? Something someone said or did that is hard to release?  Are you hearing  a voice inside that lures you to believe something discouraging about yourself or that pulls you in a direction you are not quite sure you are comfortable going in? […]

Battling Big Bugs: When Mama’s Sick, By Guest Author, Jenny Lee Sulpizio

  Battling BIG BUGS: When Mama’s Sick                                     (An excerpt from the recently-released, “Confessions of a Wonder Woman Wannabe”) Taking care of your children when they’re sick is hard enough as it is, but trying to take care of your kids when you’re sick is an entirely different story, isn’t […]

How is God Potty Training You?

Potty Training is messy, isn’t it, moms? Remember when you were teaching your child how to master this? Sometimes aspects of life are yucky and uncomfortable…we want clean, comfortable, familiar and quick. When our toddlers want the comfort of their diaper, we know we need to encourage them through this […]