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Fill a mug with tea, coffee or your favorite beverage of choice and let’s share together how God is shaping our identity in motherhood. Maybe you’re a new mom or are feeling buried in the sand alongside your toddler at the sand table. Perhaps you have elementary-age children nearing the intersection of dependence and independence or you have  teens approaching the corner of young adulthood. No matter what stage of parenting you are in with your children, it’s easy to wonder, “Who am I, Where Did I Go?” When you look to God, your identity can be restored and renewed in new and exciting ways that are specific to who you are as a mom and woman. This site is a place to explore thoughts, feelings and insights on who you are beneath and beyond the many hats you are wearing and the ways in which God is guiding you on the course He has marked out for you.  Welcome!


  1. Hi Linda,
    I love your blog! You cover so many of the different stages of motherhood in that down to earth way of yours which I can so relate to. I’m in the stage of my children at ages 17 and 19 being ready to leave the nest and launch out into the adult world. It’s a challenging transition for me as I have to redefine myself and my role as a mother. I can defineately relate to the definition of the term Identity Crisis! Letting go and at the same time being available and present for them, encouraging them to follow God with all their heart, might, mind, and soul; continuing to pray for God’s guidance and protection of their hearts and minds and bodies; seeking God’s direction and guidance in their calling in life, whatever that may be, and, most importantly, that God would impress upon their hearts to grow in their faith and trust in Him.

    • Encouraging your kids and praying for them is HUGE, Suzanne, and I can imagine that delicate balance between their independence and your letting go (but they need those prayers whether they know it or not!)God’s got your back and your identity under His control!

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