Good Morning or Good Moment?


Image credit: grazvydas / 123RF Stock Photo

For some, “Good Morning” might be anything but good right now. There are demands weighing you down, fatigue robbing you of the energy you need in order to be the mom you want to be, a tone of voice that emerges from within that perhaps shouts out to your children that you loathe, or frustration over something you are needing and that hasn’t quite come to fruition.  Maybe today you are wondering, “Who am I in all this and what am I doing and becoming? Where is my life heading in all the day to day details?” Take a big breath, moms. You are not alone. You may


  1. {Melinda} I love this, Linda. I am big on starting with “one” … whether it’s one friend, one task, one behavior… It makes the impossible seem doable! 🙂

    • One is an underestimated number yet a supportive and practical friend, Melinda! Yes, the impossible can be doable as you said. 🙂

  2. Oh how I feel like I am drowning right now, and this post is a comfort to me Linda! Hamster- that I am. Round and round and round…. frantically trying to keep all the balls in the air.
    Tomorrow, I will start the day with a soccer tournament. May be my daughter’s last one, so I will embrace that ONE moment. 🙂

    • You are too cute, Chris….embracing one is a great and healthy start….sometimes all we can and perhaps should do. I hope the start to your day was filled with meaningful moments!

  3. Mornings can be bad around here. Hurried, frustrated starts to my day that leave me excite to just get them all out the door! Thanks for the reminder to be intentional about “creating a moment” that is positive and that they will remember. Thanks Linda!

    • Thank you for stopping by Kari! Oh these mornings can beat us up, can’t they? One moment at a time….that’s all that is in our control and sometimes, a better way to manage our time rather than the whole kit and caboodle. Here’s to the moments we are challenged with and blessed by!