It’s Okay If It’s Not Perfect

Yesterday when I spoke at a MOPS group, a mom shared the pressure she sometimes puts on herself with having to have a clean house before someone comes over or having to______(you fill in the blank–we all have those expectations we put on ourselves!)

As moms with busy lives and with the priority of taking care of our children, we do what we can. How great that even if your furniture isn’t dusted, that you made a friend feel loved and welcomed when they walked through your door. That the hospitality you offered by making a pot of coffee, putting on the kettle, the acceptance they felt by your warm hug and how they were treated by you, is really what counts.  (And hopefully, our friends aren’t that judgmental–it’s the expectation we put on ourselves to have everything just so!)

So tell yourself it’s okay, that you not be able to get to everything and things don’t have to be perfect. Even Author Jill Savage says so. Read below from her book, No More Perfect Moms.

Are there areas that you might need to let go of having perfection in? Leave a comment below or share in the conversation at:




  1. It absolutely will help give that mom relief–I agree with you Alissa! I think just being aware of the unfinished-project-traps is half the battle in falling prey to the disappointment of not getting them done. Learning to live with unfinished tasks can be frustrating but hopefully, we can give ourselves permission not to complete the “to-do” list in an effort of not compromising time with our little ones or caring for their needs. (As you said, we don’t want to miss out on why we stayed home!) When those moments of time come our way where we can squeeze something in, great, if not, we have to tell ourselves that it’s okay, tomorrow is another day and this time is for a season. Step by step we’ll get to it all and in the process, enjoy the time caring for our children.

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