Oh, for a Little Truth

What “truth” are you listening to right now?

Something someone said or did that is hard to release?  Are you hearing  a voice inside that lures you to believe something discouraging about yourself or that pulls you in a direction you are not quite sure you are comfortable going in? Try not to be tempted to listen to those voices of negativity or doubt, but to God’s uplifting voice, truths and approaches.  And if in doubt, ask Him to show you.

He answers.

Whether it’s how to handle a difficult situation or an approach to take with your child, God does reveal His truth to us in so many personal ways (through pangs in our hearts, friends, a spoken word, circumstances, prayer and His word. He really does speak to us in ways that are meant for us to recognize.)

We don’t have to wrestle with…

Our thoughts.

Our doubts.

Our fears….or

Our own voices sometimes fraught with doubt, gloom and doom.

We can ask for guidance in the right and truthful ways in which to go.  “I, the LORD speak the truth; I declare what is right.”  (Isaiah 45:19)

As moms, it is not always easy to discern what is absolutely right when it comes to the little lives whom we are protecting and shaping…let’s pray and see how God directs us.  “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’ “ (Isaiah 30:21)

What truth might God be showing you today? Is it more tempting to listen to your voice rather than His? What happens when we do listen?


  1. AMEN to this Linda!!! So beautifully said… we must always try to re-frame our thoughts toward His Truth as we constantly are receiving “other truths”.

    • We will always have competing truths, Chris but when we know His love and understand who He is, the right truth prevails. Thank you for reading my friend!

  2. Thanks for these verses, Linda. I need to memorize them!!

    I need them most when I’m listening to my projections about the future — my “what if’s.” The truth? He’s already there, and He’s got it. No matter what, He’ll be there when I get there. Thanks!

    • Love how you phrase that, Laura. He IS always there as you said, and He does have it…even when we can’t see it, we’ll catch up to find that He had it all along. Thank you for sharing….we all have those “what ifs!”

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