One Call Needed When Everything Calls at Once

Sometimes, everything calls at once….ever have days like that? Everything and everyone calls for your attention–now. There’s no time to wait nor time to take a moment to pause. Hurry, hurry. On to the next priority. Maybe the moments seem to be ticking too fast to get the present job done. Or maybe  today will be more like a step-by-step day rather than run-by-run. Whatever your pace, whichever your flow, your feet are firmly planted in the foundation of your principles, values and priorities. When you are focused on those things, the rest can (temporarily) be sifted out and take their rightful place to the right of your center.

Today, lots may push, pull, tug at you and cause you to tip. Try to allow one direction for yourself and keep your feet firmly rooted in what you know is the priority and value of the moment.  “He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.” (Psalm 40:2)  May God give you the clarity, discernment, footing and security you need to accomplish what you have to today.

And if you find everything calling at once, call on God.


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