So Much, So Much

So much living to do while we are mothering, so much to accomplish, so much that can make our insides feel overwhelmed, anxious and sometimes a little scared. Fear can often run that peace right out of our personal town. For any of you beautiful MOMS feeling overwhelmed today, a Biblical truth quite simply put is that God protects His people. (Gen 31:3)  “The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.” (Psalm 118:6) May God be with you today and give you His power and strength to help you handle and do what you need to–work, shop, drive, teach, tackle, approach, feed, cook, volunteer, clean, decide, get done what you need–all of it,  today. Let that knowledge that God protects His people and you MOM, shape that peace right back into your front door.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, and the reminder. I’m banking on God’s Word. Just yesterday, Mother’s Day of all days, I was thinking (for the millionth time) how much gumption it takes to be a mom. There is hardly a day that does not feel hard in some way. Keep up the good work, moms! We’re all in this together! And God’s promises are trustworthy.

    • Thank you for those encouraging words for moms, Brenda! It does take gumption to be a mom, daily, as you said. You are so right, God’s promises are trustworthy and we are all in this together. 🙂

  2. Definitely a great reminder, and something I need to meditate on daily right now in my life. 🙂

    • Thank you for stopping by, Kelley. We are ALL in need of these reminders and I love how you mentioned meditating…I think when we do that, we can settle into a more peaceful state in all we are doing. Have a wonderful day!

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