God’s Best or Mine? The Price of Being a Wanderer


“I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” Isaiah 44:22

Do your children ever wander? Maybe at Target or in the grocery store? Have you had a moment when you couldn’t see them or a moment when you could and you could plain as day tell that they were heading in the wrong direction?!  Maybe your kids are older and are wandering down a path that has you concerned. We all WANDER…sometimes we wander with good intention, other times out of ignorance or simply because WE WANT WHAT WE WANT.

The Israelites wandered off course willfully. God had a plan for them, instructed them how they should go, but  they went their own way and by their own method(s).  God STILL blessed them with His plans of providing a new land and gave them what He said He would, but not until they came back to His side and re-focused their attention on Him. Sadly, they did not, and as a result, God’s very best plans were delayed in their lives.

God couldn’t give the Israelites what He had for them until they were ready to choose Him. Hhhmmm…sounds like a parallel relationship we have with our kids at times! Making poor choices can have its consequences. The thing to note is that even in their waywardness, God still cared for His people and led them through their journey.  He still provided for them and made sure they had what they needed. But it wasn’t His best. I often wonder,   In what ways am I going my own way and missing out on God’s best plans for my life?  As moms and as women, we can have hope that even in those moments of wandering, God is there to redirect us and breathe new life into old steps so that we are walking at His side in a new direction where we are certain to receive His very best for our lives. Wander no more, moms. God is your faithful guide.

How has motherhood made you aware of your own tendency to wander or to stay focused? What might be God asking of you so that He can give YOU His very BEST?



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