Can You Cast Your Cares?

“Cast all your anxiety on Him b/c He cares for you.” 1Peter 5:7 How way COOL is it that we have a place to cast our anxieties? Ya, there’s the gym, yoga, our outlets and passions…a good hike, writing, wine tasting, card making, crafting, jewelry design, cycling, our life’s work that we love…all of what makes us us, matters. Our outlets matter. Our interests count.

But yikes, those worries can still set in.

As women, we’ve got a LOT going on. Things are happening. Fast. As moms, we have double the lot. We’ve got a higher calling here. And we’ve got one shot at raising our children.  Our kids grow up once.

And our worries won’t wait.

When you cast out, placing those worries in the hands of God, pay attention to what comes back on your line. As you put your trust and concerns onto Someone who can receive them and who is in control of all things, watch what happens as you are guided out of your fears. Might you be headed to a place of safety and peace if you release them? Or does holding on offer you more security?

There may not be perfection. There may not be instant resolution to what needs fixing. But there is  an invitation to hand your anxiety over to a God who wants to carry what ales you.  Just like you want to carry the anxiety your children may have over a problem because you love them so much, is as much as God wants to do the same for you.

Read one promise today. One scripture verse. Pray one prayer.

Then cast your line, mom.

Because He cares for you.


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