Brownie or Not, God’s Got the Plate


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 My how quickly can our good intentions and goals get overshadowed by the reality of old ways.   Where we have vowed to give up sugar, we  have nibbled with delight on something brown. With fierce determination where we have committed to have more self control, that impatient tone of voice returns.

Don’t despair, Mom. God is in control even 48 hours into the New Year.

Keep praying. Keep your goals ahead of you. Keep God in front and He will lead you to the places He wants you to be. To the habits He wants you to have. To the tasks He wants you to take on.

He can give you discipline.

He can give you self control.

He can give you patience.

All your wants and good intentions are still real and He will equip you to accomplish them. Or, He’ll turn you around and show you what He wants to accomplish through you.

He will strengthen you.

And He will carry you when you fall.

There is still a next time. New Year or Not.

His grace is sufficient in your failings and mistakes because of His love for you.

So if you eat the brownie or lose patience with your children, stop and pray for what you need in that moment and in the ones to come. By turning to Him, you can approach your goals, intentions and future opportunities with a fresh start and the right perspective.


No matter how many hours into 2014 you are, turning to Him for strength and for your plans is the right direction to move. He’s got the plate–crumbs and all, and He’s got you.


Scripture References

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

“Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:13)

“I will strengthen you and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10







The Shaping Challenge — Patience

Good Morning Moms! So happy you are here. For those of you who expressed interest, we are starting our shaping challenge–that one thing we want to be to our kids and developing it on a daily basis. So introducing our first guest attribute….patience…ta-da!  It seems to be a popular condition we moms struggle with not having enough of, yes? So grab your journal, a piece of paper or even a sticky note and just quickly jot down the situations or the times of day when you are needing patience or when it seems to be riding at really low tide on your beachfront property (we wish, right?) Go ahead, I’ll wait. I think seeing an area you want to be strengthened in written on paper in your own handwriting is effective and makes us more aware and mindful of those traps we fall into.
Now look at what you wrote down. Is the time or situation typically the same? Is there a pattern or does impatience strike at any time? What are your triggers? What works against you? If you are comfortable, please share, we are all in this together and there is no judgment. You can also go to my Shaping Your Identity in Motherhood FB page and see that live discussion. Either way, I hope you will be encouraged through prayer, the support of others and God’s hand as He actively works to help shape this quality in your life.