Please Pass the Time, Thank You




Coffee, cream and sugar time. Playdate time. Park time. Cooking Time. Reading Time. Snuggle-up time. Hangin’ in-the-house time. Baking time. Some of you are in new-born baby time or sending your child off to college time. Prayer time. Exercise time.  Work time. Stroller time. Drive time. Email time. Cleaning/organizing time.  Changing your mind time. Time-to-go-on-vacation time! However you are spending your TIME this morning, may it be rich, meaningful or just plain pleasant…there IS pleasantness in the plainness.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” Ecc 3:1  God knows all about your time, from what you need to get done to how you’d like to spend it. He has given us opportunities and circumstances with that time. People within that time. Love in that time. Yet, time has illusions and limitations.

Enjoy your time today–no matter how you spend it. Time is a gift that we have the luxury of opening.

Pull off the paper.

Cut the ribbons.

Tear open the package….while it’s in your hands.


(Image credit: <a href=’’>tsekhmister / 123RF Stock Photo</a>)