The Steps of a Mother are Many

May what you are trying to accomplish as a mom be accomplished one step at a time, bit by little bit. Teaching, instructing, leading and guiding as a mother is a process that we take on without having had preparation or very little at best.  We lead our children as well as we can while we are being led.  We arrive on the scene green and get practiced quickly till we feel blue in the face, or red, purple, just name your color.  At times, these teaching moments for us and our children take place while rocking in a glider, standing over the changing table or potty, while pushing a shopping cart at the store, driving in the car to and from activities, on the mattress’ edge, dialoguing before bedtime, or during a zillion other moments when we are mothering. Sometimes during the mundane moments, other times when we


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mother, Alissa! You are so blessed to have experienced such freedom in your personal sharing with your mother who sounds as if she is a true and faithful follower–no doubt her words and sacrificial time lifted you during many meaningful and emotional moments. I can only believe that you will carry on the same loving approach with your boys as you had and have a wonderful model set before you. Thank you for sharing!