What’s Your Must-Have Coffee or Tea?

We all have our favorite one…you know, that drink that drives you to go or preps you to relax. Whether curled up with a good book, running errands or spending meaningful time with a friend, what’s that must-have drink that nurtures your soul in the moment? I know I can’t seem to settle unless I have a flavored cup of whatever Coffee Bean and Teal Leaf is brewing! Vanilla, Butterscotch or Caramel. And always with cream and sugar!


  1. Can I have two? Chai Tea Latte and Egg Nogg Latte. I know, one is out of season, but I love them. Oh, and those “pumpkin thingies” as my friend Jill calls them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m kind of a wimp. I can’t drink Starbuck’s — it’s waaaaay too strong for me, but I love Hawai’ian Hazelnut from a little place in Hanalei, Kuaui, where we were married. Still order from there!

  3. Every morning I start my day with a nice cup of coffee. I’m not usually picky, but I do like the brand illy. I also like to have tea in the afternoon. I was just turned on to a delicious tea by Twining called Lady Grey. Its a wonderful experience. I highly recommend it.

  4. Oooooh me, me!! Venti Non-fat, extra hot salted caramel mocha, no whip.. from Starbucks. It’s 370 cal and has many, many grams of sugar… but to me it’s worth every single one! I’ve cut down to once a week, and let me tell you, I count down the days!!!

    • That sounds like a dessert, Lindsay! Salt and caramel are so yummy together….I MUST try that. But I’ll need that topped with whip…what’s another 100 calories?!

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