Where Were You?

Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines identity as: 1. the condition or fact of being the same or exactly alike; sameness; oneness. 2. a) the condition or fact of being a specific person or thing; b) the condition of being the same as a person or thing described or claimed.

Identity crisis, listed next, is defined as: the condition of being uncertain of one’s feelings about oneself especially with regard to character, goals, and origins, occurring esp. in adolescence as a result of growing up under disruptive, fast-changing conditions.

Do any of these definitions resonate with you? Before I had children, I had a clear picture of my identity. Having children changed my life but did it change who I was? Is identity conditional? What about you? Who were you before you had kids? Do you believe that your true self was more evident before motherhood or is your true self even truer now? Let’s explore.

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