Where You Are Now

When I became a mother and stopped working fulltime, there were many moments where I found myself asking, “Who am I and where did I go? If I am in the middle of mothering, is there room in the middle for anything else?” Like my “to do” list, I looked at the contributing factors that influenced my role as a stay-at-home mother and felt challenged by them.


When we become mothers, aspects of our lives can be greatly or subtly compromised in ways that we had not have anticipated. Match that with a full or part-time career or loss of one, and our roles can feel even more impacted.

In what ways have you experienced a change-up in identity since becoming a mother? How has God breathed growth into those places and how has He been working in your life? Are you waiting on Him to give shape to areas that have fallen flat and for that work to begin? Come and let’s talk.